Amber & "Bongo" & "Cooper"

Distance Consulting

I met Vanessa when we were both students of the TRU Animal Health Technology program. 

Last year, I was looking for some help with my two dogs, Bongo (7) and Cooper (11). Both dogs have reactivity issues and they’re behaviors were starting to have a negative impact on our family life.

I knew that Vanessa had extensive experience with training and used positive reinforcement and force-free training methods so I decided to reach out to her for help. I wasn’t sure how well it would work as she was in Fort St. John and I was in Quesnel.


After an initial video consultation, Vanessa sent along a training plan and we got to work. Through email and videos, Vanessa and I worked through the plans and unexpected challenges along the way. The plans were easy to understand and she was quick to provide feedback when needed. The dog’s barking, lunging, and pulling behaviors were so deeply embedded, they are still a work in progress but we are now able to go enjoy our walks and have guests over (including unexpected ones) with less stress and anxiety.

Any dog would be lucky to get the opportunity to be a student of Vanessa’s!

Lorena & "Baxter"

Distance Consulting

I told Vanessa years ago that every dog that I ever own will be trained by her; I absolutely love her training style and methods. Then I learned she was moving, and as I was not moving with her, did not know how I would make that belief work in the future. I decided that I wanted to teach my dog Baxter to close the door behind himself before she moved away; that way if I needed hands on assistance it was still possible.

When talking to Vanessa, she suggested distance consulting via FaceTime. I honestly questioned this in my mind, but she was so sure and persuasive. We easily organized a day and time to 'meet' for the training session. While I set up my phone for the best angle, she was incredibly patient and understanding. Her methods were thorough and obviously well thought out during the session. She watched Baxter's responses, and adjusted the session to maximize his learning. The relatively short FaceTime session (and some homework practice by me) made this a skill that Baxter learned in a few hours, and has since mastered. He can now close the door effortlessly, as if he's been doing it his entire life!

I highly recommend Sit Pretty's distance consulting service! Vanessa is thorough and simply wonderful, in any type of training situation. Definitely a 5 star review!

Heather & "Lucy"

Puppy Private Training

Our family adopted our gorgeous Lucy in mid-September of this year, and boy did we get a handful!; she was the biggest, friendliest, and rowdiest of her litter (What were we thinking?!) If it wasn’t for Vanessa and Sit Pretty Pet Services – I am 100% certain we would be at the end of our puppy-chewed rope.


I have known Vanessa for a little over 2 years and knew that when we made the decision to expand our family with a four-legged member that we would be utilizing her services; an obedient, kid-friendly dog with manners would be an absolute must for our family. I knew that I could rely on Vanessa’s knowledge and experience to help us achieve this with Lucy.


From our very first session, I knew that we made the right decision. Vanessa was so easy to talk to and was so helpful in answering all my questions. We appreciate her positive reinforcement methods and the level of trust it creates for all of us.


Vanessa’s intake form is extremely detailed and she carried that information forward through all our sessions. At the end of each training session I received a detailed email outlining what we had covered, what we should be working on, as well as extra information on any issues we were having or questions I brought forward. She was able to make our training schedule work with our busy lives and we always started a new session by following up on what we worked on during the week.


We have completed 4 sessions with Vanessa and Sit Pretty Pet Services and have already seen great improvement in Lucy. She has mastered the basics and our son has quickly warmed up to Lucy now that she doesn’t jump up on him; which is a goal we have worked very hard on achieving.


Vanessa was also quick to offer many different training tools to our family for us to use and try out.


We are excited to continue learning with Lucy and will be utilizing Vanessa again in the future. She has made an impact on our first few months as pet owners and we are very grateful for all her help. You will not go wrong in booking sessions with Vanessa and Sit Pretty Pet Services – both you and your dog deserve it!

Danielle, "Zoey" & "Luke"

My husband and I were so lucky to find Vanessa and her company Sit Pretty Pet Services.

We rescued a cute little Shih Tzu girl who was very timid, unsure and unfortunately used the house as a washroom. We did some private lessons, where Vanessa taught Zoey and I some basic training. These lessons helped us to bond  I believe taught Zoey that she was safe here. After some work Zoey no longer messed in the house and her personality started to shine.

My Husband and I do little training session with her now just for the fun of it and use Vanessa's tips to teach her new tricks.

Later on we got a puppy named Luke, who we put into Vanessa's Puppy Preschool group class. The classes were really good at giving me and my husband tools that we needed to teach Luke everything from the basics and socializing skills.


Thank you Vanessa for everything. You are such an amazing dog trainer!

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