Rover I

Do you avoid walking your dog because of their behavior?

Does your dog lunge, growl, or bark at dogs encountered on walks?

Do you wish that you could just walk your dog without him creating a scene?

Reactivity is a term we use to describe any behaviors that might be considered an 'over' reaction: barking, lunging, growling at other dogs, bikes, or people encountered on your walks. Not only can this behavior be confusing and scary, it can also be embarrassing! 

Leash Reactivity can occur for a number of reasons; perhaps your dog is fearful, doesn't like other dogs, or maybe he's over-excited or frustrated.

Reactive Rover I is our foundation class for reactive dogs. In this 5 class series we cover:

  • appropriate equipment to use on walks to help you manage your dog safely

  • how to set your dog up for success and prevent the rehearsal of their problem behavior(s)

  • the training of alternate behaviors that can be employed to encourage your dog to carry on when around other dogs, people, bikes, etc.


Each class includes live discussion, demonstration videos, real-time training practice and individualized coaching and feedback from the instructor.

We limit our classes to six students to ensure we can provide individualized attention to each student and their dog.

Who: dogs who are reactive on-leash (any age)

Length: 5 classes, 45 minutes in length

In addition to the live training classes you will receive access to our Reactive Rover I landing page, which contains training PDF's for each exercise and topic covered in class and homework PDF's (to keep you on track during practice). 

Once your registration is received you will be invited to join our private Facebook group to connect with past and present Reactive Rover students. Use this group to connect with your classmates, set-up training walks (upon the completion of your class), share video of your training practice and ask questions of your instructor!

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