Are you a new puppy owner and don’t know where to start?

Is your puppy driving you crazy?

Do you live outside of our service area or struggle to make it to our in-person classes?

Then our Puppy Home school Program is the right fit for you! This class is similar to our Puppy Preschool Classes, but is run via a virtual classroom with live demonstrations and one-on-one coaching!

Did you know that incomplete or improper socialization as a puppy can set your dog up for behavioral issues in the future? Many dog owners aren’t aware of just how important proper socialization is for their puppy, until it’s too late. In this class you will learn safe and effective socialization techniques to help your puppy develop into a confident adult!

We limit our classes to six students to ensure we can provide individualized attention to each student and their dog.

Who: Puppies aged 8-20 weeks

Length: 5 classes, 60 minutes in length




  • An introduction to how dogs learn

  • Clicker Training 101

  • How to best prepare for your classes

  • Name Game

  • Collar Grab exercise

Module 3

  • Handling: Teeth Brushing

  • Crate Training: Intro

  • Chewing (Discussion)

  • Interactive Feeding (Discussion)

  • Socialization Challenge

Module 1

  • Normal puppy play: what to look for

  • An introduction to restraint

  • Play Biting (Discussion)

  • Recall

  • Socialization Challenge

Module 4

  • Down

  • Housetraining (Discussion)

  • Handling: Nail Trimming

  • Socialization Challenge

Module 2

  • Jumping Up (Discussion)

  • Sit

  • Handling: Ears

  • Socialization Challenge

Module 5

  • Leave It

  • Resource Guarding Prevention

  • Bait & Switch exercise

  • Handling: Brushing

  • Socialization Challenge

Our Puppy Home school is set up as an "open enrollment" class - sign up and start classes when it works best for you instead of waiting for waiting for the next start date. 

In addition to the live training classes you will receive access to our Puppy Home School landing page, which contains training PDF's for each exercise and topic covered in class and homework PDF's (to keep you on track during practice). 

Once your registration is received you will be invited to join our private Facebook group to connect with past and present Puppy Homeschoolers. Use this group to connect with your classmates, set-up puppy playdates, share video of your training practice and ask questions of your instructor!

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