Private training covers a variety of training, from puppies to behavioral concerns and everything in between.

Your package will include behavior management, written homework handouts after each session and e-mail support from your trainer for the duration of the training.

Each session is personalized for your dog as we work towards achieving your specific goals, working at your dog's pace to meet these milestones.



Prior to starting any private training package, you will first book and complete an initial behavior consultation. This virtual consultation is where you and the trainer discuss the behavior problem(s), your concerns, and determine your specific training goals for your dog.

Following the consultation, you will receive a written assessment including management recommendation to implement before you get started on the training portion of the plan. Your trainer will recommend a package that best fits for you and your dog, and then you are ready to get started!

We recommend scheduling your sessions every 1-2 weeks to ensure progress during the private training process. Sessions are 30-minutes in length and are either done virtually, in-person (outdoors only), or a combination of both.
Your trainer will recommend the session types best on what will best serve you and your dog.

Get started today by booking your consultation below!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are dealing with fear, aggression or reactivity with your dog you must book your consultation with Vanessa. Miranda does not take these types of cases at this time and any consultations booked with Miranda for these concerns will be canceled and re-booked.


Have you worked with us in the past? Maybe your dog is displaying new behavior(s) that you're unsure how to tackle or you have new training goals but you're not quite sure how to meet them.
Book a refresher consultation today to discuss your behavior concerns and goals for your dog with your trainer and come up with a personalized and targeted plan for you and your dog!

*This consultation is only available to pre-existing and previous clients of ours. If you are a new client you must book an initial consultation in order to get started!