Meet Us Monday - Tiffany Wilson

Many of you have already had the opportunity to meet, talk to and be taught by this wonderful woman, but I do feel that she is long overdue for a proper introduction.

Meet Tiffany Wilson; a dog trainer apprentice who has been working alongside me for almost two years now. I stumbled upon this wonderful person three years ago when I did a behavior assessment on her dog, Bailey.

Tiffany got in touch with me shortly after the consultation, wanting to talk to me about my background in dog training, my education, and if I had advice for her should she wish to jump down the rabbit hole that is dog training.

Tiffany and mine's relationship developed very organically; we share similar values, and both share a passion for teaching and helping dogs in the most humane, caring and productive way possible.

Tiffany has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember. Ironically enough, she too was inspired and motivated to learn more about dog behavior from the field of Police Service Dogs. At a young age she was given a sticker from a Police Officer that had a picture of him and his canine partner. Even in Junior High Tiffany wanted to be a K-9 handler; she still has that same Police Dog sticker in her possession today.

As Tiffany got older, life continued to get busier and pull her in different directions. When she got her dog Bailey (a beautiful Bernese mountain dog) she once again found herself being pulled back into the world of animals and the thought of working with them for a living.

Tiffany and Bailey were inseparable for the five-and-a-half years that they spent together, and shared a bond that some of us only dream of having with a pet. Bailey was Tiffany's heart dog.

Tiffany now owns two busy and beautiful dogs that she adopted from local animal shelters. Both dogs have polar opposite personalities, and challenge Tiffany on a regular basis, but Tiffany tries to embrace these struggles as opportunities to learn, grow and improve herself as a dog trainer.

Tiffany and her husband Alex welcomed their first child, Declan, almost 1 year ago, to truly complete her busy (and furry) family!

Tiffany is eager to learn; she has completed the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Foundations Program, and is a Certified Puppy Start Right Instructor through KPA as well. Tiffany has become a valued member of my team, and can be found alongside me during group classes.

When Tiffany is not buried in a dog training book, completing a course, or spending time with her son, she is busy growing her recently launched photography business, Tiffany Wilson Pet Photography. Tiffany captures magical photos of you and your dogs, gifting you with memories that will last you forever. She is kind and patient when working with you and your dog, and passionate about her photography. This passion is evident through the quality and magnitude of the images she captures.

Tiffany is a treasured member of the Sit Pretty family and we cannot wait to see where her love of dogs and her talent as a trainer will take her!

Make sure to say hello and introduce yourself to Tiffany at group classes, and do not hesitate to ask her questions! She's full of knowledge and loves to help!

Happy Clicking!

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