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Our Mind Your Manners Program is designed for family dogs of all ages!

This class is created to teach your dog basic foundation and obedience behaviors as well as self control. Picture a dog who walks politely on leash, sits to greet new people, and is able to settle on his bed when asked. With our Mind Your Manners Program, this dream can become a reality.

Our class provides you with the tools and knowledge to teach your dog new and desirable behaviors, as well as an introduction to more advanced training concepts, like ‘shaping’ behavior.

Within this program, you are able to progress at your own rate; fast learners are not held back, and slower learners can take their time without any pressure. We limit this class to 5 dogs per instructor, allowing individualized attention for each student.

Who: Dogs 20 weeks and older

Length: 5 sessions (plus online Orientation), 1 hour in length

Cost: $225.00

Pre-requisite: Proof of up-to-date vaccinations, have watched the Orientation video