Our Day Training program is designed for busy pet owners who seek extra training support. Day training sessions are where the trainer works directly with your dog; teaching your dog basics manners and impulse control while you are at work or busy living life!

This flexible program will leave your dog well mannered as well as mentally tired during your busy work week. Together we will create personalized training goals that will shape your dog's sessions.


Day training is designed for the busy dog owner, who has training ambitions for their dog but either doesn't have the time to train their dog, or would prefer to leave the heavy lifting to the pros! 

Day training is appropriate for basic manners training such as: sit, down, stay, leave it, wait, polite walking, polite greetings and recall.

**NOTE: Day Training is not applicable to behavior problems such as fear, aggression, leash reactivity, or resource guarding. For those who are struggling with these issues, please book a private training consultation.

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Prior to starting any day training package, you will first book and complete an initial behavior consultation. This consultation is where you and the trainer discuss what your dog currently knows, where your dog needs work, and determine your specific training goals for your dog.

Following the consultation, you will receive a written assessment including management recommendations that will be implemented in conjunction with the training plan. Your trainer will recommend a package that best fits for your dog and your training goals, and then you are ready to get started!

Session scheduling is flexible; schedule the 30-minute day train sessions weekly, or up to three times a week! Every sixth training session will be a transfer session with you and the trainer, where you will be shown what your dog has learned so far, taught how to cue the same behaviors, and explained how to maintain these new, wonderful skills!


Day Train 6 pack

  • Includes 5x 30-minute day training sessions, and 1x 60-minute transfer session with the owner.

Day Train 12 pack

  • Includes 10x 30-minute day training sessions, and 2x 60-minute transfer sessions with the owner.

Day Train 18 pack

  • Includes 15x 30-minute day training sessions, and 3x 60-minute transfer sessions with the owner.

Your trainer will recommend the package that is most appropriate for your dog and your training goals after your initial behavior consultation.